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NEEL 52 - Boat Review Teaser

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Schermafbeelding 2024-02-21 155922.png

LEEN 56 - Boat Review Teaser

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NEEL 52 sailing and interior layout – European Yacht of the Year 2024 – Vela e Motore Alberto Mariotti, editor-in-chief of the famous Italian magazine Vela e Motore, shared some images taken during the NEEL 52 sea trials on the magazine’s YouTube channel. He describes the NEEL 52 as a comfortable, fast and elegant trimaran.

Visit the NEEL 43: its saloon, its technical area... two unusual places for this fast pleasure trimaran! - YouTube Sail & Surf with the planet, a family of influencers living aboard a NEEL 43, recently published a video presenting their trimaran. The saloon and technical area are presented in detail and praised for their impressive volumes and numerous storage spaces.

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