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MC 75

The MC75 is a fast cruiser that accommodates ten guests plus crew.

The new MC75 is the largest catamaran in the McConaghy MC series. Its contemporary exterior lines follow the design language of the other models in the Multihull series, featuring an attractive flybridge that can be positioned forward for a more aggressive style or extended backward for a sleeker appearance.


The MC75 delivers performance even in light winds, offering smooth sailing capabilities with stability and admirable speed.

This series was designed with input from a group of experienced owners and multihull sailors, a highly skilled design and engineering team, and McConaghy's 50 years of experience in building yachts for the most demanding clients and conditions.


Lightweight and produced with environmental care, and like all models in the McConaghy Multihull range, it is fully customizable.

Its progressive exterior lines follow those of other models in the Multihull series, featuring an appealing flybridge that can be shifted forward for a more aggressive styling or extended backward for a sleeker appearance.

The MC75 performs with effortless grace, even in light air, offering smooth sailing capabilities with stability and admirable speed.


When facing 20 knots of wind at a true wind angle of 110 degrees, the MC75 is predicted to reach 21 knots of boat speed with a code zero sail.


Overall length:

Interior headroom

Naval architect

Interior designer


Engine power

Diesel tanks

Freshwater tanks


4.5m with centreboard down


​Ker Yacht Design


​E-glass/epoxy/foam sandwich with carbon fibre structural elements

​2 x 110hp



MC75 Interior

The interior design of the MC75 was conceived by m2atelier, in a new collaboration between McConaghy and this renowned Italian studio. m2atelier identified living comfort as a fundamental feature of the MC75, thus creating an interior with a distinct apartment-like feel and architectural personality.


The sophisticated environment offers fantastic visual connections with the sea, with meticulous attention paid to integrating all interior essentials and amenities in the most aesthetic and functional manner.


Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic, m2atelier, regarding the MC75:

“We are honored to have contributed to the interior design of the MC75 and to collaborate with such an innovative company – one that has made research its cornerstone. It’s inspiring to work with a team of leading experts in multihull design, and McConaghy stands out for their cutting-edge technology, construction methods, and exceptional design style. We believe that innovation always stems from meticulous effort, daring to take bold steps, and experimenting with curiosity.”

Fully retractable windows and floor-to-ceiling glass create a sense of freedom, offering an infinite amount of space for the owner and fostering an enhanced, symbiotic relationship between the interior and exterior. Internally, the volume is maximized, and each space is purposefully configured in a layout that dispels any preconceived notions about yacht interiors.

The open interior is customizable, with bespoke pieces crafted to meet the client's requests for convenience, versatility, and the designer's aesthetics. McConaghy takes pride in its versatile capabilities, being able to tailor each yacht concept to the needs of an individual customer.

This initial MC75 features a very spacious salon-lounge area with a dining section and a bar, a generous aft deck with seating and an outdoor dining area, as well as sun pads for the upper deck. There are five sea-facing berths, all en suite, along with a crew cabin adjacent to the galley in the port-side hull.

MC75 hull #1 is set to be delivered in the autumn of 2022.

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