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NEEl 43 (CMYN)_edited.png

The NEEL 43, designed by Lombard, is more compact compared to its larger siblings—the NEEL 47, 52, and 65—but shares a high freeboard and a recognizable design.

This trimaran, the NEEL 43, embodies both speed and safety, easily maneuvered by a small crew. Its performance at sea, combined with its sailing capabilities and comfort levels, is excellent.

Designed for high-speed sailing, the NEEL 43 meticulously balances weight reduction with ample storage to cater to longer passages.

The distinguishing feature of the NEEL 43 lies in its unparalleled steering, with the single rudder controlled by Vectran lines on ball-bearing blocks and the tiller mounted on self-adjusting bearings. A slight heel contributes to the sublime sensation at the helm, allowing the windward float to 'fly' over the waves.

Its sail plan comprises a mainsail and a roller furling jib, with the asymmetrical spinnaker facilitating comfortable upwind sailing. All maneuvers lead back to the helm, offering the skipper an unobstructed 360° view.

Moreover, the NEEL 43 also features the renowned Cockloon®, an impressive indoor/outdoor living space enabled by the wide opening between the cockpit and the salon.


It also includes the Full Beam Cockpit®, an extra-wide cockpit with multiple seating configurations that can be rearranged to optimize various vistas.

The helm station is notably ergonomic, featuring a triple seat shaded by a sunshade attached to stainless steel pipes.

Access, from the cockpit via side steps or from the deck, ensures seamless communication between the skipper and the crew.

The roof is accessible through an integrated side step, providing easy access to the mast, boom, and sun deck. A railing is installed for safety.

The wide, well-protected aft makes it easy to access the sea and maneuver the dinghy.

Furthermore, the system for lifting and handling the dinghy has been greatly simplified.


The NEEL 43 features a striking and voluminous interior design with outstanding panoramic views. It accommodates up to ten passengers.

The construction of the NEEL 43 mirrors the other models in the range, including a vacuum-infused composite sandwich with PVC and PET foam reinforced with carbon fiber.

The hulls combine a central 'rockered' hull, which eases tacking and maneuvering in the harbor, with streamlined floats that offer stability and prevent pitching.

NEEL43 on the water


Water tank:
Diesel tank:

13,00 m
7,50 m
1.37 m
19.00 m
9 t
54 m2
44 m2
1 x 500 l
1 x 300 l
1 x 47 hp
Marc Lombart


NEEL43 Interior

The interior design of the NEEL 43 incorporates contemporary materials that are both lightweight and functional. The well-appointed salon offers panoramic views and exceptional natural light.

It is equipped with two double cabins, with the owner's cabin on the main deck, providing privacy and breathtaking panoramic views. Access to the double cabin at the front of the central hull is through the salon.

The salon, along with the galley and navigation table, is open and provides a highly ergonomic living space. The salon's bench can be converted into a double bed, and a partially separate relaxation area for two berths allows for relaxation without disturbing the crew. Two single berths are located at the front of the floats and are accessible from the main deck.

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