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MC 62

As the larger sister of the MC50, the McConaghy MC62 is a striking, advanced composite catamaran designed for the serious sailor seeking speed and comfort.

Also designed by Jason Ker, the MC62 is particularly well-suited for long-distance sailing, offering safety and comfort.

Equipped with luxurious fittings and featuring a spacious, open layout, the MC62 is an absolute eye-catcher!

Most important features

The MC75 is designed for living on the water in a loft-like modern style. The multihull is lightweight and produced with environmental care, and like all models in the McConaghy Multihull range, it is fully customizable.

The innovative exterior lines follow those of other models in the Multihull series, with an attractive flybridge that can be pushed forward for a more aggressive style or extended backward for a sleeker appearance.

The MC75 performs with effortless grace, even in light airs, providing smooth sailing ability with stability and admirable speed. With 20 knots of wind at 110 degrees true wind angle, it is predicted that the MC75 will achieve 21 knots of boat speed using a code zero sail.


Length Overall (LOA):
Length at Waterline (LWL)

Mast Height (above Waterline)
Sail Area to Windward
Interior Headroom

Naval Architect

Interior Designer


Engine Power

Diesel Tanks

Freshwater Tanks

1.4m to 3.75m


2.05m to 2.3m

​Ker Yacht Design

Design Unlimited

​E-glass/epoxy/foam sandwich with carbon fibre structural elements

​​2 x 57hp



Interior - Fully customized


The interior of the MC60 is luxuriously crafted using the finest woods and hardware, custom-made and finished to McConaghy Boats' uncompromising high-quality standards.

Its modern interior is a blend of hand-painted surfaces and lightweight, exotic wood laminate complemented by soft fabric accents. There are various layout options available.

The MC60 comes fully equipped as standard and offers numerous options for additional features, allowing owners to customize their boat to perfectly suit their specific needs and budget.


Owners will relish the incredibly well-designed space within the generously furnished salon and cabin accommodation.

The MC60 is equipped with daggerboards with push-button control, automatically retracting upon impact, making it one of the safest offshore performance catamarans.

Unique, fully glazed aft saloon screens allow guests to enjoy the open platform space.

Designed and developed with safety as its core principle, the MC60 incorporates retractable daggerboards that sit flush with the hull when retracted. Its composite construction renders the MC60 multihull significantly lighter than catamarans of similar length, while still maintaining luxury, safety, and tremendous rigidity.

Featuring a streamlined "super-fly" bridge, it's truly a luxury yacht in Grand Prix style. With a multitude of innovative features, such as fully opening glass saloon doors and massive salon sliding windows on the sides, you can truly enjoy an open platform with complete protection against the elements.

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