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McConaghy has a proven track record in complex composite projects, spanning from high-speed racing yachts to submarines for the Mariana Trench. The company started in 1967 with smaller boats and developed advanced construction methods. Since 2000, it has invested in growth and diversification, establishing facilities in Australia and China.


In 2014, a partnership with Tiger Group Investments strengthened its financial position. McConaghy is now owned by Mark Evans and Tiger Group Investments, operates debt-free, and employs over 200 staff across Australia, China, and Hong Kong.

With its technical expertise and high-quality production facilities, McConaghy has established itself as a leading player in the shipbuilding sector. The company continues to innovate and expand, focusing on delivering lightweight, strong, and rigid composite structures for various applications, ranging from luxury motor yachts to technically challenging projects, including hovercraft and carbon fiber propellers.

All of this, combined with a solid financial foundation and strategic collaborations, ensures McConaghy continues to thrive, even in challenging economic conditions.

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